Through the Pleasure Beyond Pleasure

“Sexuality is not something instinctual; it is undoubtedly a creative power – both the main cause that lies at the basis of our individual life and an important factor in our psychic evolution and life.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

According to the Tantric tradition, the sexual act is more than a reproductive act, as this act has the power to grant states of intense pleasure and happiness, but above all these through lovemaking the
two lovers can accelerate their spiritual evolution, with the preliminary condition that their energy is not lost through ejaculation during lovemaking.

Moreover, Tantric lovemaking – involving sexual continence – can lead to the manifestation of supernatural spiritual powers (siddhis) that can help
surpassing the human condition and the acquiring of the super-human state.

Do these things sound like really big words? Maybe so, but the only way in which you can verify this assertion is on your own.

Are you tired of passing pleasures, and short and unsatisfying orgasms? Are you tired of lack of depth, and lack of the true love that makes two souls become one in the embrace of eternity?

Tantra is a chance, not unique, but extremely pleasant and highly effective, if applied correctly and perseveringly.

The Tantric spiritual teachers indicated the idea that the mere pursuit of physical pleasure during lovemaking can be dangerous, as the person may become attached to the sensations of pleasure, or become dependent on them, which will lead to inevitable feelings of fearing the loss of these sensations.

Although some people understood erroneously, Tantra means the experience and the exploitation of pleasure as a jumping board towards the expression of pure spirituality and mystic experiences.

Therefore, the Tantric masters teach us that we can go higher through those very things that usually represent the biggest obstacles for the adepts of
other spiritual paths.

In this respect, it is quite known the effort of certain spiritual seekers who fervently deny sexuality, but who due to their lack of genuine inner force allow themselves to be invaded by problems and weaknesses that take them further and further away from the authentic spiritual experiences.

“Hevajra Tantra” says: “The same things that bound people, free them, yet ordinary people are often deceived, not knowing this truth. A person who does not know the truth will never reach perfection.”

Tantra is a method which can be approached here, in the world, in the middle of the illusion and which can lead the person engaged on the path towards the
Divinity to the achievement of the supreme goal – the Revelation of the Divine Spark within ourselves.

Through Tantra, we cross a dangerous place, yet a very fast one of the spiritual evolution: we seek physical pleasure without falling into the trap of hedonism.

This differentiation is very subtle, yet crucial. When the physical pleasure is sought without attachment to it, without clinging to it, without having any expectations from it, then it may lead us to the ultimate freedom. Tantra indicates the way to achieve this.

A strong aspiration towards the spiritual freedom governs any activity of the Tantric practitioners. This aspiration represents the physical fuel, the positive force that brings energy and light.

The freeing power of lovemaking performed without selfishness represents the antidote for human vanity, for lethargy, and ultimately for the fear of death.

The Tantrics indicate as the most important aspect that the practitioners of the spiritual lovemaking have a brave and optimistic mental attitude. A positive thinking attracts lasting happiness and unbelievable joy.

Moreover, the application of physical techniques (hatha yoga and pranayama) helps the control of the sexual energy, which normally is lost through ejaculation (in men’s cases) and orgasms with discharge (in women’s cases), all these simultaneously with the preserving of the spontaneity and erotic joy.

Behold then a unique science and in the same time a unique art: Tantra.

The Sacrifice For Tantra: Non-ejaculation

In a first stage, the fundamental problem a man engaged on the Tantric spiritual path has to face is summarized to “ejaculating” versus “not ejaculating”, and for many practitioners this is a perpetual source
of confusions.

The main purpose of Tantra has always been finding a direct path towards the spiritual freedom, using all the resources with which God endowed us, and not the secure, but very long road that requires the pilgrimage through a great number of reincarnations.

Basing its teachings and concepts on the observation of the facts that the Eros is at the basis of the human existence and that it represents the motive
force of all human achievements, the authentic Tantric tradition sustains the idea that the human being needs to confront with this primordial force and to finally be able to master it, using it in a creative manner.

The Tantric masters teach us that one must not deny the inner urge to make love, but it must be used in order to get spiritual blessings through it.

There have always been various people who interpreted the sexual Tantric writings differently, often one interpretation contradicting completely some others.

For instance, on one hand there are those who prefer to interpret these texts on a purely allegorical level, as a reflection of some inner processes, of
some communions that do not necessarily involve a physical intimacy.

Still, Tantra is a spiritual path based on lovemaking, which sustains the practice of the sexual continence.

The sexual continence implies that both man and woman should avoid the loss of their sexual energy during lovemaking, loss materialized in the case of man through ejaculation, and in the case of woman through having explosive orgasm with the discharge of sexual energy.

The regular, common lovemaking (involving the ejaculation) is suitable for people who do not have enough spiritual faith and for whom it is truly
difficult to see lovemaking as a truly spiritual act.

Before beginning to practice the spiritual love and lovemaking, these people should first of all change their views of the Eros, adding to it a spiritual
dimension as well.

They have to purify their bodies and their minds and to bring more spirituality into their lives.

They can do this by changing their ways, by spending more time in the company of spiritual people, adopting a vegetarian diet, reading sacred books, practice yoga, yogic breath and meditation, as well as the cultivation of a new positive attitude regarding the eros and spirituality.

During this preparation, it is best if one avoids for a while the sexual activity – it is indicated that the sacred Tantric writings are regarded as purely allegorical. Only thus one can obtain maximum spiritual results.

The sexual continence implies the retention of the sperm and of the analogue sexual secretions (in the case of women the menstruating blood and the liquids secreted during lovemaking) inside their bodies and then their transmutation.

Through the transmutation process results a refined energy (ojas) that can be easily sublimated into more refined energies.

Sexual continence represents an important aspect in order for the Tantric rituals to be truthfully fruitful.

The Tantrics recommend that the man preserve his sperm, as this leads to an increase in his spiritual and physical power.

Through the sexual techniques characteristic to the authentic Tantra, men learn to consciously refrain from ejaculation, to channel their erotic energy inwards, and to fully satisfy their lover.

Only after they have achieved this they will be able to obtain indeed authentic spiritual leaps.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 1



An ancient Chinese tradition mentions how the deity of a river that had the form of a shell incarnated as a very beautiful woman. The shell-goddess is famous to this day and is known as the Sincere Girl, one of the three famous masters who initiated the Yellow emperor in the art of love.

The Speech of the Sincere Girl enumerates the “Eight Main Benefits” of the special erotic rhythms when the two lovers make love with sexual continence.

These rhythms that start beneficial processes of resonance with the subtle energies from the universe are, in their great majority combinations of magical numbers inspired by number 9, the Yang number. The Yang, the solar, masculine force is always represented by the odd numbers, and the Yin, feminine, lunar force is always represented by the even numbers.

Therapeutic lovemaking, always performed with continence, attempts to control the rhythms and the positions in all situations and represents a very important subject in Eastern medical science.

According to the observations of Eastern doctors, the blood, the flesh, the marrow, and the seed (in the case of men), respectively the ovules (in the case of women) are the essential links of a mysterious chain that unravels according to the nature’s order and rhythm.

SUSHRUTA SAMHITA, a famous Ayurvedic treatise asserts: “the hidden essence of life produces the blood. From the blood is made the flesh, from the flesh is made the fat, and from the fat are made the bones. From the bones comes out the marrow, and afterwards comes out the sperm, or the ovules.” This generative chain of the seven corporal elements represents a natural process that may be easily disturbed by malefic or unhealthy habits.

Therapeutic lovemaking, performed only with sexual continence is inspired from certain secret erotic positions that trigger inside the beings of the two lovers processes of resonance with beneficial energies from the universe and channel the resulting energies so that it helps the psychic, the body and the mind to work on the imbalances existing within. As we all know, our bodies have the capacity of creating their own remedies and antidotes for any disease or disorder.

During lovemaking with sexual continence all we need to do is to direct the energy towards the places that need it. The respiratory techniques and Hatha Yoga positions have proved effective and curative even in the cases of the most serious diseases.

The intelligent, careful and constant practice of the Eastern erotic techniques performed always with sexual continence may determine a quick appearance of the results if both fundamental principles, Yin and Yang work together in harmony.

The practice of the Hatha Yoga system alone may prove a boring and hard to complete discipline, while if performed with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques they become more approachable.

The combination of the Hatha Yoga with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques generate naturally, without any effort a great vitality, inner balance, and a deep state of harmony, which reflects on the level of the whole body.

Both the Taoist therapeutic lovemaking and the Tantric therapeutic lovemaking underline sexual continence, rhythm, and the transfiguring approach of the erotic positions. The body of the man, as well as the body of the woman may benefit greatly because of these.

Lovemaking with sexual continence does not drain the body and the mind of energy, on the contrary they are toned. Moreover, lovemaking with sexual continence may even trigger spiritual enlightenment.

Although the sexual continence is basically quite simple, this technique requires especially from the man to perfect his power to retain the sperm in order to transmute and sublimate his potential into higher forms of energy.

The role of the woman in therapeutic lovemaking with sexual continence is that of an initiator, with a harmoniously structured body and full of vitality, invoking the forces of nature through her transfiguring force.

Thus her mental, emotional and vital energies as well as her sexual fluids prove essential in harmonizing her lover’s body, psychic and mind. In his turn, her lover focuses on retaining the sperm and on channeling correctly the energies resulted, helping her to sublimate the huge energy resulted from lovemaking with sexual continence.

The secret sexual traditions of the East state that if a woman truly succeeds in transmuting her sexual potential into higher forms of energy, her wonderful regenerative and rejuvenation capacities become boundless.

The following eight erotic positions requires certain exact rhythms. The benefits of these positions depend all on the man’s ability of controlling ejaculation and the woman’s desire to circulate her healing energies in a harmonious manner.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 2

The woman must lie on her side, with the thighs widely spread. The man comes next to her, in between her spread legs. Then he slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside his lover’s vagina.

After 18 deep penetrations, he has to stop moving completely, and stand absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method helps the focus of the energies and in the same time it heals any bleeding or wound of the woman’s vagina. This technique should be performed twice a day, for 15 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies back, with the legs stretched and paces a pillow under her bottom. The man knees in between her hips, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 27 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method relaxes the mind and heals any kind of cold that exists in the woman’s sexual area. This secret technique should be performed 3 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain these benefits the woman lies on one side, then bends or raises both her legs. The man comes behind her and introduces his love weapon inside her.

After 36 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method is beneficial for the internal organs of both the man and the woman. This secret technique should be performed 4 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies on one side, with her left knee up and the right leg stretched. The man comes over her, supporting his weight on his hands and knees, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 45 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method harmonizes and cures all diseases of the bones in both man and woman, and heals any congestion the woman might have in her body. This secret technique should be performed 5 times a day, for 10 days, only with sexual continence.

Taoist Techniques for the Control of Sexual Energy, 6

Kaichu_hiho,_jiiro_haya_shinan,_mid_1830s-early_1840sPART 6

Perform nine rapid contractions of the perineum, jaws and fists muscles. Perform nine such powerful and rapid contractions for the Great Ascension, while retaining the breath with your lungs filled with air.

These contractions “absorb” the surplus of energy that may lead to ejaculation. Go as far as six sets of nine contractions, until the ejaculatory-impulse disappears.

With this method, the aroused sexual energy tends to leave the nerves and goes to the contracted muscles. Make the retention of your breath as fast as possible, so that the nervous impulse is cut as often as possible. Repeating the nine contractions for six times should reduce the ejaculatory impulse to zero.

However, you do not have to perform all six sets of nine contractions. Essential is to regain your control over the sexual energy.

As you are on top of your lover, supporting yourself on the forearms, with your penis inside your lover’s vagina, your seed will be quite “effervescent”.

The nine contractions performed as mentioned above will help you control the sexual energy. Meanwhile, you will have the time to enjoy the calm force that springs from this technique.

The genital glands enlarge when you get close to the point of non-return. The contractions for the Great Ascension reduce their dimensions, extract the extra-energy from them and diminish the sexual tension.

A short interval between the contractions enhances the power of the muscles to block the seed. If the interval between two contractions is too long, the muscles will perform an ineffective contraction.

The inhalation should not be too fast or too slow, so that the energy has the time to flow back to the genital area. The breath retention during the nine contractions weakens the impulse leading to ejaculation.

The purpose of these contractions is to change the direction of the seminal fluid. From a physical point of view, this means that you have to accelerate the flow of the sexual energy upwards, through the spine.

This acceleration occurs only in the moment of the contraction, and not when you relax the muscles. Thus, it is required that you perform several successive contractions in order to direct the fluid into the body and to defeat the tendency of the seed to dissipate.

The importance of this step should not be neglected. The greatest muscle of the body has to be used for our advantage.

Contract the buttocks so that if you sit, your body lifts a little. Having a good muscular tonus of your buttocks is important for your health.

When these muscles are flaccid, the vital energy flows out of the body. When these muscles are toned, one of the two basic energies of the body is held inside.

The other energy gets out of the body through the penis, when ejaculating. The pain becomes easily bearable if the muscles are contracted. Just as the nervous impulse named “pain” is weakened by a muscular contraction, so is the ejaculatory impulse.

In both cases, the muscles absorb energy, and this interferes with the nervous impulse. The contraction of some important muscles takes the energy from the genital area.

The contraction of the buttocks is recommended mainly for the interruption of the nervous circuit between the brain and the genitals, at the base of the spine. Consequently, contract firmly the buttocks, as this action stops the ejaculatory impulse from reaching the final.


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Taoist Techniques for the Control of Sexual Energy, 7

Clench the teeth and press the tongue on the palate. The clenching of the teeth interrupts the nervous flux between the body and neck. Moreover, this helps the contraction of the buttocks.

These two contractions should be simultaneous because they help one another and ensure a complete blockage. During the contraction, the seed is directed deeper and deeper into the body.

The most intense transmutation of the fluid occurs at the end of the counting, by the seventh, eighth, and ninth contraction. The firmness of the contraction determines the forced ascension of the fluid. The contractions should be stronger and stronger, from the first to the ninth.

If you prolong lovemaking, the pleasure will grow in intensity. In the moment in which the pleasure increases, you have to maintain the uro-genital diaphragm closed.

This will help you prevent the sperm from going beyond the “gate”. Try to stop it or you will find it impossible to control it. It is necessary that you stop ejaculation before the sperm begins to “agitate”.

Exhale, releasing the yang energy and relax the head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis areas. Allow the energy to flow into your beloved. Inhale and direct the energy to the head area. If this is difficult for you, lead the energy to Hui-Yin and then up the spine.

One may look upon the Great Ascension as an internal current, beginning with the contraction of the penis, goes through the perineum and buttocks, on the spine, to the head area.

If you have difficulties in directing the energy to the head area, you may channel the energy to the navel in the first stage. Thus the energy will follow the voluntary muscular contractions, being forced to go up to the head area.

After the energy builds up in this area, you may direct it downwards, to Hui-Yin, and then through the spine towards the head. If you deposit carefully the energetic fluid, it will be a lot easier for you to direct it afterwards.

The relaxation after the Great Ascension determines the expansion of the sanguine vessels contracted in the penis. Thus you absorb a great quantity of Yin energy without any effort. During the great ascension, the woman’s energy enters her body through the inferior part of the man’s body.

During relaxation, the energy is “attracted” towards the upper centers. This effect is obvious even from the early stages of the practice.

In the beginning, the systematic practice of the Great Ascension may seem difficult, even exhausting for some people, but practice will make it easy and at hand. Close the inferior gate so that your seed stays inside.

The power of the will to control the seed grows as you practice. Increasing your will power to retain your seed will amplify your will in all domains: in work, sports, and family. Consequently, love and desire to grow spiritually will benefit from a restless vigor, full of surprises.

If the erection weakens, start the penetrations again and use the Delicate Absorption. After the first series of penetrations and strong contractions, you may sometimes contract the head of the penis during the penetration.

The head of the penis is just as a baby gently sucking his mother’s breast. Begin to direct the energy in this manner.

The Great Ascension has a greater effect if the penis is already filled with yin energy through the Delicate Absorption.

The difference between the Delicate Absorption and the Great Ascension should be clear by now: the Delicate Absorption accompanies the usual penetration, and the head of the penis, the testicles and the uro-genital diaphragm are contracted. The rest of the muscles are relaxed, and do not contribute to the channeling of the energy.

This technique is mainly about preventing the energy from getting out, not necessarily about channeling it upwards. Moreover, the energy builds up on the level of the penis, and we will transfer it upwards later, using the Great Ascension.

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The Mental Control of Ejaculation

According to the Taoist tradition, in the beginning of mankind our ancestors had the capacity of controlling their sexuality spontaneously.

Moreover, they could control their emotions and sexually fluids at will. Unfortunately, this capacity disappeared, because the overall level of spiritually decreased.

People lost this ability because they become obsessed with attaining and obtaining pleasure, at all costs and through all means, overstressing sexuality, discovering alcohol, etc.

Nonetheless, one may regain this ability training the mind to prevent the external flow of sexual energy. The key is the practice of the Great Ascension until you will be able to practice it spontaneously.

In this moment, the sexual essence will ascend continuously to the crown of the head, activating the Golden Lotus (the spiritual pole, Sahasrara) in this process of mental automatic control, the pineal gland (on the subtle level Ajna chakra) is the most important element as it connects the sexual glands (Swadhisthana chakra) with the brain (Sahasrara).

The greatest benefit in the practice of the Great Ascension is that after 6 to 21 month of practice, or after 10.000 exercises performed, you will be able to direct the energy upwards through a simple mental command, whether you sit, talk or stand.

If you can channel the energy and keep the “gate” closed for a week, you began to have control over the sexual energy. At this stage, focus on the crown of the head (the pineal gland) and on the process of sublimation of the sexual energy through the spine.

Some people who practice this exercise too often or incorrectly may experience a stinging sensation in the heart area.

In order to ease this pain, you may drink some tea with honey or massage the anterior part of the body, from the upper part to the navel, where the energy is more easily to deposit.

If you cannot unblock the energy from the heart area, breathe freely and use your mental power to unblock it, channeling the energy form the perineal area.

Inhale and focus from Hui-Yin (the Gate of Life and Death) upwards, to the crown of the head and then downward, to the middle of the forehead (Yin-Tang).

Focus on this area for a while. When the energy goes through the area of the heart, try to think that it flows like a waterfall, accumulating at the level of the navel.

Performing this simple and effective exercise of visualization and direction of the energy nine to thirty-six times, you will get rid of the stinging sensation.

More Exercises for Awakening and Controlling Sexual Energy

In order for your sexual energy to go upwards along your spine through the energetic channels (nadis), it is compulsory that these nadis are not “strangled”, and especially not in the pelvic area.

The causes for this blockage may be physical (for instance caused by a wrong diet), psycho-emotional (for instance shyness and inhibitions), or mental (preconceived ideas).

Although these causes are various, there is one fundamental factor that causes the blockage of the energy in the genital area, and that is stress.

The following exercises will help you relax the muscles of the pelvis, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Moreover, a flexible pelvis may help you approach a great variety of sexual positions during lovemaking, which will cast away monotony and will transform the sexual act into a genuine erotic game.

When the pelvic muscles are tensed, not only that the sexual energy is blocked at this level, but also the scale of erotic sensations during lovemaking is quite small.

These movements may be performed either horizontally, or standing. If you decide to perform them standing, spread your soles so that the distance between them is the same with the distance between the shoulders.

Start swinging your pelvis back and forth gently, but firmly, keeping the rest of the body still. For the horizontal execution, bend your knees and keep your soles on the floor.

Begin the same smooth, gentle yet firm movement, lifting your buttocks from the ground and then coming back, keeping the rest of your body still.

Find a comfortable rhythm and repeat the movement 20-30 times. Breathe deeply and regularly all through the practice of this exercise.

The rolling of the pelvis may be performed best if you stand. Bend your knees slightly, and then start rolling your pelvis, alternatively lifting your hips.

The movement should be slow and ample. Do such 20 to 30 rolling of the pelvis, and then combine the lifting movements with the rolling movements and do this combination for about 10-15 minutes.

In order to feel more relaxed you should use an appropriate music. You may check our Tantric Meditation Music section.

We recommend that the beginners practice these exercises in front of a mirror, so that they are sure that the exercises are correctly performed.

Once you get the move, you may even close your eyes and let the music swing you. Nonetheless, keep your mind focused in the pelvic area.

After each exercise stay relaxed a few moments, eyes closed, perceiving enhanced relaxation of the pelvic area.

Taoist Techniques for the Control of Sexual Energy, 4

images-taoPART 4

After performing the external blockage, you have to massage two important pressure points.

First of them is Hui-Yin, placed between the anus and the scrotum, and the second point is Chang-Chiang, placed at the middle distance between the anus and the coccyx.

Hui-Yin: is the point where the energetic path of the anterior part of the trunk starts. Hui-Yin connects the upper point, “The Crown” (of the head) Pai-Hui with the inferior point Yung-Chuan, placed on the sole.

The cosmic energy enters the body through Pai-Hui, the tellurian energy comes in through Yung-Chuan, while Hui-Yin is placed at the middle distance between the two. This makes it an essential point in the circulation of the energy through the body.

The tellurian energy enters the body through Hui-Yin. The sexual energy contained in the testicles enters and leaves the body through this gate.

In other words, when the Hui-Yin gate is closed, the vital energy stays inside the body.

Nonetheless, when this gate opens through the process of ejaculation, the vital force flows over, diminishing the vital reserves of energy. Hui-Yin deposits certain sanguine currents, which also stagnate at this level.

When the blood stagnates here, due to low level of CHI and to gravity, some health problems might appear. Hemorrhoids and thickening of the blood vessels determine a constant flow of CHI in the inferior part of the body.

Chang-Chiang: the point placed between the coccyx and the anus. This point directs the energy to the crown of the head, from which it irradiates in the whole body.

In Chang-Chiang, we find the nervous endings of many important nerves. This is the beginning of the second path of “electrical” energy in the body.

This path starts from Chang-Chiang, passes through Pai-Hui, and ends in the palate.

Massage Hui-Yin and Chang-Chiang, performing 27 up to 81 rotations, using a soft silk cloth, and all your three middle fingers. The silk prevents the irritation of this area, and increases the flow of energy through these points.

This massage helps relaxing the tensed muscles and facilitates the re-absorption of the seminal fluid. This massage is essential for preventing the prostate problems and stimulates the ascension of the energy to Pai-Hui (the crown).


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Taoist Techniques for the Control of Sexual Energy, 5

poza37-4§4.jpgPART 5
This method requires perseverant practice to a greater degree than any other method you will encounter.

It explains in detail the essential practice of seminal retention, the transmutation and sublimation of the energy, the changes and exchange of energy between man and woman during lovemaking.

For starters, nonetheless, you should practice primarily the method described in this article, and only after mastering it completely, pass on to experiment other techniques as well.

Most certainly, you will discover other effective techniques. Each individual is unique and special; therefore practice the technique that best suits you.

Remember that the seminal retention is simply a means to an end, not the end itself. Preserve your seed and your sexual energy and use them to reach fulfillment in love and in your life.

Authentic esoteric methods are anything but complicated. They are simple, so that anyone may practice them. If the geniuses were the only persons suitable for the practice of esoteric methods, these methods would most certainly lose their practicality. The simplicity of love is itself a great mystery.


Nonetheless, once you get to practice this method, everything becomes simple. This technique, when practiced correctly, becomes one action performed with body, mind and soul at the same time.

If you consider that these three aspects of your being are not in harmony, practice the asanas (especially the reversed ones) so that you will be prepared for the Great Ascension.

If your body is impure, then the vital energy has to unblock the energy stagnating and to purify the impurities, and consequently you might pass through a rough time.

However, due to perseverant practice, you will feel the vital energy in your physical body more invigorating than ever before. You will know this because your life will become peaceful and filled with love.


You have to “block” the nervous impulse that causes ejaculation, if you wish to resist to the pressure of imminent ejaculation.

The technique we are about to introduce to you is particularly powerful: it consists of a strong contraction of your perineal muscles, of your jaws, and of your fists. Perform this contraction after you finished the first set of penetrations.

As a technique for beginners, perform three superficial thrusts followed by a deep one. The most sensitive part of the vagina is the area between the entrance to the vagina and the first five centimeters, as this area is filled with nervous endings and corresponds to the first five centimeters of the man’s penis.

If you penetrate your lover even deeper, your lover will contract her vaginal muscles even more, making your seminal retention a little more difficult. Pulling out from a deep penetration is risky and complicated, and requires a great deal of control in order to be successful.

Practice will get you to perform 6 and then 9 superficial thrusts, alternating with a deep one. If you are a beginner in sexual continence, or you’ve just met a woman that you are very attracted to, it will be quite difficult for you to go all the 81 superficial thrusts and 9 deep thrusts without pausing.

Whenever you feel that ejaculation is imminent, stop and pull out (regardless of the number of penetrations) and contract the genital area. You also do not need to pull out entirely. You may stay inside your lover’s vagina, but only with the head of your penis.

Remain still until you are in control again. Penetration generates a great wave of energy, as hundreds of billions of reproductive cells are more active than usually.

Once the energy builds up in the genital area, the local nerves transmit the stimuli up the spine, to the head, where the impulse that unleashes ejaculation.

In fact, orgasm is a happening in your mind. Consequently, all you need to do is train your mind to experience a different kind of orgasm.

If your lover attempts to wrap her legs around you, to pull you closer, you have to take the distance you need to regain the control on your sexual energy. Teach her to stop when you need to cool down. Remember that she is your best ally if you can make her cooperate.


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